Service 1

बांस के पौधों की सत्यापन रिपोर्ट (100 पौधों से कम पौधे)


  1. ग्वालियर
  2. खंडवा
  3. रीवा
  4. इंदौर
  5. उज्जैन




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MP State Bamboo Mission

MPSBM has been registered as society in July 2013 under M P Societies Registration Act, 1973. The society shall function as the apex coordinating organization for implementation of the activities of the National Bamboo Mission in Madhya Pradesh and or any other project given to the society for its implementation. Objective is to develop a new line of bamboo products by bamboo artisans for national and international marketing (market), also to promote and facilitate traditional and nontraditional bamboo based artisans by developing their skills, increasing the supply of quality bamboo and availability of advanced tools and equipments.