आज का वन्यप्राणी

English Name : Common Jezebel
Family : Pieridae (Whites & Yellows)
Scientific Name : Delias eucharis Drury, 1773
Wing Span (Size) 66 - 83 mm
Description : A very colourfully painted beautiful butterfly, because of which is noticed by even the unobservant. Underside of hindwings is yellow with a row of orange-red marginal spots which are edged white and black border on both the sides. The upperside of the wings is white. The females are heavily marked, thus exhibits sexual dimorphism.
Habits & Habitats : Commonly seen around gardens and forest edges. Prefers to be in canopy except when it is feeding on flowers of shrubs. Hardly seen on ground. Flies from the level of the bushes up to 20-25 meter above the ground. It is most active during noontime and afternoons. It occurs in all type of habitats except very thick wet evergreen forests. It is among the most prominent butterflies to visit city gardens Feeds only on flower nectar. Often seen on small flowers of Tridax procumbens, Lantana camara
Distribution : Throughout India
Larval Host Plants: Loranthus longiflora, L. elasticus, Viscum sp., Dendrophthoe falcata, Helicanthes elastica and Scurulla parasitica
Best Seen In : Throughout the year
Status : Common, Not mentioned in Schedules of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972
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