आज का वन्यप्राणी

English Name : Orange Oakleaf
Family : Nymphalidae (Brush footed)
Scientific Name : Kallima inachus inachus Boisduval, 1836
Wing Span (Size) 85 - 110 mm
Description : Shaped like a leaf when settled with wings closed, hence the name, Oakleaf. Underside leaflike, upperside bright iridescent blue, upperside forewing with black apex and discal orange band. The underside of wings are marked with spots and blotches exactly like the patches of fungus and mould found on dead leaves. Shows great individual variation.
Habits & Habitats : Powerful dipping flight. Strong to and fro flight, suddenly settles on tree trunks. Not so common on flowers. Comes to damp patches. Fond of tree sap, over ripened fruit and elephant dung. Commonly seen basking. Seen along stream edges in forest.
Distribution : Found across the Himalayas from J&K to Arunachal Pradesh up to 2000 mtr. MSL, Northeast, Central and Eastern Parts of India and the Eastern Ghats & Northern Western Ghats
Larval Host Plants: Strobilanthes capitates
Best Seen In : March to May, November, December.
Status : Not rare, Not mentioned in Schedules of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972
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